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These are videos that we have collected from various events and functions. If you have video of your car doing a cool burn out or running down the drag strip using our parts, dont hesitate to send it in and we will put it here on our video page. Email

Team Tossas from New Import & Speed Shop running a 7.08 second quarter mile on our apex seals.
Hector has been running our apex seals for a long time now and he recently went to the Pan American Races where he ran a 9.2 second quarter mile, he was doing fine until this run when he hit his nos in 3rd gear and wrecked his ride.

Raymond Tossas running a 7.46 quarter mile time on our apex seals.

Carlos Gonzales Sr running a 7.81 quarter mile time on our apex seals.
Demetrio Karagiannis running a 7.49 second quarter mile time on Atkins apex seals.

The introduction to our rebuild DVD.

P art of Atkins Rotary's rebuild video showing how to insert your viton oil control o-rings.

Reworx in the quarter mile running our parts.
Atkins Rotary Specialties
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