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rx7 Click the picture to the left for a view of Carlos Gonzales's time slip at Pomona Raceway. Note that on top Carlos has written how much boost he was making on our 2mm apex seals. 54psi!
This is what one of our satisfied customers said after receiving his engine from us

Here is what Judge Ito at JR Rotary said about us:
If built and tuned right Atkins Apex seals are flawless. I use them abuse them with great results.. no one abuses apex seals like me.. and guess what?? no failures. I recently leaned out the nitrous mixtures on a customers nitrous car.. the car backed fired really bad!! and no broken apex or corner seals! I not only support the Atkins Seals I'm also a member..



Kathy, I received your postcard and the oil metering pump hoses. Merlin
Brake installed the hoses and the car's doing great.
I have a gold 1980 RX-7, original owner, with 107,000 miles. It's the
only car I have and I love it. I've taken the bus to work ever since
I bought it. I bought it in Denver but now live in Dallas.

A friend in my neighborhood just bought a 1986 RX-7. I gave him your
website address. Thank you,


Hey guys and girls, Just finished installing my rebuilt S4 Turbo motor and she fired and ran perfect on the first turn! You guys are great. Your freight dude picked up my core today. I really appreciate the craftsmanship and great work! Thanks, stephen.

thanks josh you are awsome i now where i can buy parts in the future.
many thanks RONNY

Thank You for the delivery. All parts are in good conditions. Only the customs here in Germany made a little bit of trouble, but i have solved all problems. If i need more parts next time, i will order them again on your company.


I just wanted to say thanks for attending SevenStock and continuing to support the rotary community. Likewise, I also wanted to send out a BIG thank you for speaking in the technical seminar. That was extremely informative and all the first hand experience you shared was just awesome. Thanks again for everything you and your family do to support the rotary community.


93 BB FD owner

Hi there -

Please show this mail to Mama Atkins and Dave

I'm hoping you'll remember me - My name is David Beardsley. You built me a new engine for my 95 RX7 after Hays stole all the parts out of my car. You'd recommended Mike to do the R/R, and then he ran into some issues, so Dave stepped up and helped finished off the install.

When I last spoke with Dave (~9 months ago), my car was on its way down to GroundZeroMotorsports in Portland for some final tuning, as Dave didn't want to mess with fine tuning at your shop (a bunch of Hays and Mike's cars were scattered around the hanger). On the drive down something blew up, I suspected it was the motor you had just built me, but it turned out the motor was fine, it was the turbo's. Turbo's I thought were new, but weren't - Hays had stolen them too..

Ground Zero did the best they could, but weren't able to get the car completely fixed, due in most part to me not spending any more $$ then absolutely necessary.

Recently, I found a local shop with the skills, and patients to fix the car properly. I've had it back now for about a week and it seems to be running fine. These guys are miracle workers IMO, not rotary specialist
(they are now), just great guys, with tons of experience dealing with high performance stuff.

My Atkins Engine is ~ 1 year old, has ~2000 miles on it, and seems to be running very strong. We are cashing a few gremlins with the new Power FC computer setup, and the used replacement turbo's I got off eBay seem to be holding (for now).

I just wanted to let you know, the Engine is fine - working well. I think I've finally got my car back to a reliable state. I'm planning to deal with a few final issues over the next few months, and then I'll have almost a brand new car.

Thanks again for all your help. Next time I'm out fly'in around, I'll land and say hi!


Dave & Veronica

Dear Dan:

We did it! The apex seal that you mail me it really works fantastic! We use it in the Sandrita Racing car and it work great. I have made a new mark of 8.65 sec. in a quarter of a mile wish is a new record for our category.

I expect to make a better record for the next event, wish its taken place this next Saturday the 10th in Carolina Speed Way.

We’ll be in touch and I hope to be making some friends in Atkins Rotary. If you want to see the event life just click and go to multimedia then click video + eventos + 2007 + Team Rabule Vs. Team Race Connection-Carolina Speed Way + #65 Sandrita Racing 8.65 sec. = You would see the video life!!!


Atkins Rotary, I love you guys. I just wanted to say that. I know this is probably because I live relatively close to you but I enjoy ordering parts and having them arrive within days. I ordered a rebuild kit for my project rx7 and I just used basic shipping because I wasn't in a hurry. It arrived 2 days later. I ordered a oil line and showed up at my door steps in the same time frame. I enjoy your service and plan on ordering future parts from you.


Thanks for the fast shipping and the oil filter. I look forward to doing business with Atkin's Rotary again, very soon.

Just wanted to drop you a line about the 12-a I got from you guys/gals the "80" 7 is alive!!! I broke it in properly of coarse after about 1500 miles I turned the turbo on to see what it would do with 12lbs boost.. it has an unreal 2nd,3rd and 4th and doesnt quit pulling in 5th untill about 10 k ( I dont care to go that fast again)

I havnt been beaten yet and have embarrased a few ponies and a couple of 8's Thnx for making one hell of an engine for me .I will have a big mouth about it.

C heers, Brad K

I'm the guy who stopped in today (friday)(the one who looked like a I was enroute from the gravel pit to home with a load of gravel in the back of my pickup truck) to purchase a pretty red rotor clock & keychain for my wife...the one you gave the red 2XL t-shirt to, also for my wife. She really likes the clock, keychain, & the t-shirt (yep, you were right, the t-shirt fit perfectly...and even has a bit of space for shrinkage. She goes to "Curves" (on Meridian) during the week & they all wear red shirts on Friday, so she'll be wearing her brand new red t-shirt to Curves next Friday morning.

Thank you very much for making my wife happy...and me too as she was so happy.


ok thank you very much. I enjoyed doing business, and i feel as long as i keep building rotary, Atkins will be the place I go for all my internal and external seals and parts.


thanks for the help i am sure we will do business in the future. best wishes in business and family.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the support you gave me the last 6 months, it is with gratitude I write a few lines, thanks again, may the holiday season bring you joy and the new year good health.

Margaret & Family

Dear Mr. and Mrs Atkins, Andy, Jason, and crew at Atkins Rotary:

Thank you for a great product! Andy, thanks for all your help and patience over the phone. i hope you'll all be at seven stock this october. The car runs great! So far solid 13s in the quarter mile. Ill send time slips when the car is totally dialed in. (2100 feet elevation, 105 degree temperature.

Thanks You,

Subject: Performance of the RPM 65 Supercharged Rotary Engine during first patrol in Fish & Wildlife Protection 22' Jet Patrol Boat on Susitna & Yentna Rivers.

Last Thursday trooper Scott Kieffer and I took the 22' Wooldridge jet boat out for an extended four day patrol of the Susitna and Yentna river systems from June 13th through 16th. Aside from the initial testing performed on Lake Lucille, this was the first real operation of the engine in our application. I'm happy to report that I was quite pleased with the way the engine performed. Three characteristics of the RPM 65 Supercharged engine were particularly notable during this initial patrol--fuel efficiency, noise level, and thrust and acceleration.

Maintaining the throttle setting just below the supercharger kicking in gave a surface speed of 28 miles per hour (by speedometer; GPS speeds averaged 24mph upstream and 32mph downstream) and an average fuel consumption of just 8.3 gallons per hour. Previous performance with a 245 horsepower 351 Ford engine consumed 12-13 gallons per hour at approximately 25 miles per hour. The most interesting part of the fuel economy is that, besides carrying the normal gear for two people, 12 of the 20 engine hours logged during this trip included carrying a 10' aluminum flat bottom skiff and 15hp outboard engine (with 25 gallons of extra fuel) piggy-backed on the transom/engine cover of the 22' boat. We still maintained at least three hours of engine operating time (by hour meter) for each 25 gallon tank on-board. Fuel efficiency didn't waver at all with the extra load--it actually increased!

Aside from the need the Division has to improve the noise reduction in the engine cover, the public remarked numerous times on how quiet the engine was. At Alexander Creek several people asked what kind of engine was in the boat. They had never heard an inboard jet idle so quietly. Other individuals remarked how they did not realize the boat was coming until they actually saw the boat arrive. At least two of these contacts were made coming around a corner at cruising speed. You talked to one of these people that we met at 8-Mile Creek on the Skwentna River. One group of fishermen on the Yentna River were just getting to cutting the lines to their baited hooks as we were beaching the boat. Again, they hadn't heard the boat coming.

Finally, the smooth acceleration of the engine was readily apparent in running the boat onto step. The normal squat-and-fall-over the bow wake was noticeably absent. The smoothness of the engine's operation was easily heard while running. Of particular note was the speed that the boat can achieve step, especially when initiating acceleration in a full turn. The boat is on step almost as quickly in a turn as in a straight forward launch!

At one point I accelerated the boat from an idle to full throttle with a full starboard wheel in Lake Creek. The turn was initiated upstream from one bank in approximately two feet of water under the hull, from the deep side of the creek to the shallow side. The boat turned the corner in approximately a 40' diameter turn, and was on step by the point the boat was perpendicular to the current. We completed the turn and were headed downstream in approximately one foot of water.

Perhaps the most adrenaline producing aspect of the new engine is the ability to initiate a full turn (wheel immediately to the stop) at cruise-to full speed. The boat will make the turn without the stern flying around out of control and will still be on step as you pull out of the turn. I made several of these turns with you and Skip on the lake, but the effect just is not fully appreciated until the currents and confines of the river are present.

The man you talked to that we met at 8-Mile Creek was duly impressed by the cornering ability of the boat. This full-corner/on-step ability has to be a function of lighter weight and greater thrust. I have never been able to perform this maneuver successfully with a reciprocating-engine inboard jet boat. The heavier reciprocating engine boat will either spin stern-over-tea kettle out of control or will fall of step and have to climb out of the hole again. This is my favorite improvement the RPM 65 Supercharged engine has made in this boat, and perhaps the most critical.

I will continue to work on finding a set of 21" pitched impellers to test in the boat. I think the engine is completely capable of running them, and it would lift the performance from great to fantastic

Thanks for your work in providing this improvement to our patrol vessel.


Brian L
Anchorage Post

I just finished tuning my S4 four port engine with your 5 inch supercharger. On the dynopak (axle dyno) I made 186.9 hp @7000 rpm and 154 ft-lbs at 5000. The hp curve is completely linear and the torque curve is flat. The torque is above 140 ft lbs from 3400-7000 rpm. I estimated the drivetrain losses to about 20% so about 234 at the flywheel. I can email you the dyno curve if you would like.

extra info - the engine and supercharger have 30,000 + miles, haltech e6x, 4x52lb injectors, 8.5 rotors, street port, Atkins two piece apex seals, autonomics throttle body. I beat the snot out of my engine daily. I autocross, drag race, and commute 40 miles in my car. I have no issues with your apex seals or supercharger.

FYI Dynopaks read lower than Dynojets(about 10%) and about the same as a

Long Time Costumer

Dear Atkins Rotary,

Thanks for your kind assistance in supplying and sending the parts for my Mazda, i have fitted the parts and am now running it.The parts were great and the DVD was a great help. I have recommended you to other people and will contact you if i need further parts.
Thanks again,
Yours sincerely,


To everyone at Atkins Rotary,
Thanks for the Christmas card that was sent to me by mail. Little things like that add a huge touch to customer relations! I wish all of you a Good Merry Christmas from Al / Al's Electronics
The Apex seals I got from you are doing very well for me! Thanks again

Hello Atkins Crew!

I purchased my 13B rebuild video from your ebay store a while back, and I wish that I could say I have built my first 13B with it...unfortunately I dont yet have the money to purchase the parts that I need to do this.

All that aside, I think that you probably have the best customer service that I have seen, anywhere hands down. The shipping information was sent out promptly, the video arrived quickly, and not only did you send a follow up card, you sent one for christmas as well.

As for the rebuild pricing, I had a friend price out the same parts in your rebuild kit on the mazda competition site...I was surprised at how little you marked everything up, and the fact that you included apex seals.

Youve impressed and pleased yet another customer, thanks again.


Hello Atkins Crew,

Just to thank you. letting you know that I'm a well satisfied customer of your business.

I have order some apex seals and I have not yet had any problems.

Keep up the good work.
Thanks for everything. and the good customer service you have.



The engine is kicking some major butt down here in the swamps
Ive had it up to around 12k or higher a few times maybe more (2nd gear at 90)and it just humms

the only problem I have is with my turbo seal dying on me and turbo not spooling up as good as it did the first few months.
I guess im gonna have to park it for a few weeks until I can get it fixed

or get enough money to get the big super charger from you guys
it would probably take at least 6 months to get that unless you have a good used system
that you think would do me some good .I trust you guys at this point!!
I still have a long way to go as far as getting this car really road ready
I need a complete suspension bushing kit front and rear.
and Id just about die for the mariah rear hatch (the one that looks like the jag)

Thanks for the great engine!!!!! I highly recommend Atkins Rotary to anybody that needs an engine for their RX-7 or any application

Thanks Again!! Brad


Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that we purchased apex seals and gasket set from you and of course your rebuild video. It was our first time looking at the inside of a rotary engine and because of your great products we now have a very good running 13b. Your video is a life saver for 1st timers. Thanks for everything.

Todd and Austin

Atkins Rotary Specialties
41026 Ski Park Rd E
Eatonville, WA 98328
P: (360) 832-1990


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